Customer Testimonials About Our Massage Services


Stacy was on time came prepared had a variety of oils for clients personal taste. He was on point with his direction of the massage. I had been traveling on a plane and had a stiff neck and shoulder pain, he went straight in. I’m not from Jacksonville and am heartbroken that it will be a while before I will have another session with this amazing massage therapists. God bless your hands! You can not go wrong here.

Indira S.

I have had wonderful massages all over the world and am a massage addict. I love good massages. Having just moved to Jax I was praying that I would find a therapist who knew how to work the kinks out and truly be amazing and intuitive. I hired Stacey and he showed up at my home all professional. He turned my room into a spa, acted extremely professional, covered me well and gave me a massage that hit all those painful spots and relaxed me straight to heaven. I will be hiring him again.

Joy C.

If you are looking for a massage therapist that considers the well-being of the client as the most important factor, this is the one for you. Truly a wonderful and thorough massage that covers any area of concern. The very professional and shining personality are bonuses to this overall wonderful experience. I, as well as my family, highly recommend Mr.Stacy again and again!!

Karen H.